Eddie Evergreen
A giant garden walkabaout

Eddie Evergreen stands 8 foot tall in his brightly colored gardening gear, and is the life and soul of every garden party. If you don’t have a garden – don’t worry!
Eddie’s brought his own garden with him, in his wonderful wheelbarrow.
Eddie Evergreen’s wheelbarrow isn’t tied to a fixed stage and there’s a magical mobile garden in it, perfect for any audience, anywhere.

The kids (and adults) are amazed. There are all sorts of plants and flowers to discover, like the common or garden juggling-nut or a shy balance-me-not flower. Each child gets to plant seeds in a little flower pot, to make a special mini-garden to take home.

When the weather gets really hot, Eddie Evergreen is there to cool things down. He waters all the big and little plants and persons in his care, making sure that none of his seedlings dry out, or wither and drop.

Eddie is not just an expert gardener, he knows all about animals, too. He has a hedgehog living in his wheelbarrow and there’s a dragonfly somewhere. There’s just a chance you might see it land on his green gardening hat, while he goes about his work in his giant yellow seven-league wellington boots.

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Teo – in any case
Walkact and Street Show

1000 Questions – one answer – T E O

Teo, your Technical Expert Organizer, is a soft-hearted dogsbody whose bark is worse than his bite. He´ll tidy up your event, his dustbin at the ready. It is his job to keep the streets spic and span while you celebrate.

And he's guaranteed to entertain your audience with his enquiring mind.

While Teo works away, he worries about dirt and overtime, but is very pleased to see so many people. He takes breaks to chat with the audience, offering help and asking people to be tidier. Teo is very clumsy to start with, but the audience is amazed to see him transform from handyman to entertainer. In fact, all the attention goes to his head, and he gets so carried away that he starts juggling with his bin bags, and his dustpan and brush. He even goes mad with his broom and sends it whirling through the air...

Teo – a superb comic act full of surprises

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Teo – in any case
Variety Show

Teo, feels equally at home on the stage. Responsible for set-building and daft diversions, he shows a real instinct for avoiding the obvious solution. The simplest set change is a serious challenge for Teo, and quickly turns into a furious fight against the malice of the object on hand.

Fascinated by the skill of the artists, the variety show atmosphere, and the applause, Teo is completely obsessed with the idea of showing off, himself.

Nervously, he uses the next set change to demonstrate his amazing and masterly toothbrush-swinging for the audience, as well as some of the more spectacular cleaning techniques he has devised for dustpan ,brush and broom.

Teo, is the wacky stagehand who`ll straighten out your variety show!

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Ludger Hollmann’s diabolo act combines elements from dance, theatre, and comedy with the very best of diabolo artistry, for one and two diabolos.

This combination creates an aesthetic, rhythmical, dizzy, contemporary variety show.

Duration: 9 minute

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Juggling Shows

Ludger's celebration of artistic theatre will astound you and make you laugh.
Ludger’s subtle humour and impudent jokes, along with his artistic expertise, win every audience, charming them all.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

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Stilt Walking
The giant is a-foot

You can't miss giant Ludger Hollmann striding through your event on his long, spindly legs. Ludger stands tall even where the streets are crowded and the lanes are packed.

Huge Ludger ties the audience into his act. Children run between his legs or juggle with him.

People of all ages are amazed to see him juggle 5 balls way up in the air. And the children love it when he turns a balloon into a funny animal, especially when they get to keep it.

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Juggling Workshops
A game of objects

The main emphasis of this juggling workshop is to play with movement with the juggling equipment.

Using simple body control, the participants learn basic juggling techniques and/or develop these further. Everyday routines are forgotten for the moment, while the juggling exercises both the analytic as well as the creative sides of the brain.

This workshop is for newcomers to juggling, as well as for advanced jugglers, who love playing with balls, clubs, devil sticks, diabolos, hats etc. ... playing with the objects, improving your technique, is a whole new way to rediscover your body.

Have fun!

Juggling Workshop
for Multipliers

Learning the right basic technique is very important, be it at school during a games lesson or in an afternoon activity – especially in the beginning. If your technique is faulty, making progress can be unnecessarily difficult and seems too much like hard work.

In this course you will learn what to focus on when explaining juggling techniques to children and/or young people. Further main emphasis is on helping your clients gain a rewarding experience.

Of course, you will have room to discover and develop your own fun with movement and the equipment.

Have fun!

Diabolo Workshop

The main emphasis of this workshop is the fun of the game. Using simple body control, the participants can try their hand at one of the oldest games in the world. The diabolo originated in China and was already known in the Han Dynasty (from 206 BC).

The diabolo lets you forget the usual drag of everyday life, while activating both halves of your brain. This workshop is especially suitable for juggling newcomers, if you practice with the diabolo you`ll have success pretty quickly.

Have fun!

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